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Introduction[edit | edit source]

A comprehensive description of this storyline and walkthrough in English can be via the External Links on the Main Page.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Rescue モルボン at the Spring of Purification.
  2. Get ブロマイド from オクサマー in キロ above temple.
  3. Give ブロマイド to チック and タック in the market (モルボン gets ボローンパーツ).
  4. Get the だいちのしずく in ググール cave.
  5. Use the だいちのしずく on フラボ in アプリカントtown.
  6. Defeat the やまのヌシ in the Mountain Trek to get the ポルカのふえ.
  7. Give the ポルカのふえ to フラボ on the road to ポルカ.
  8. Talk to フラボ in ポルカ village (ナナシ steals the ポルカのふえ).
  9. Talk to リック outside ポルカ Village to get access to ポルカ Headland.
  10. Defeat the Demon of the Cape in the Cape of ポルカ.
  11. Hit ガッチャン at the crash site.
  12. Talk to ガッチャン outside ポルカ village.
  13. Talk to the two robots in バルク Desert to get access to エルザ.
  14. Talk to ガッチャン in front of the door of エルザ.
  15. Talk to the man outside the home of サカンバ.
  16. Talk to サカンバ in the public bar and say "yes" twice.
  17. Talk to キミちゃん in the entrance of the castle and get the キミちゃんのてがみ.
  18. Give the キミちゃんのてがみ to the guard まはり in the jail.
  19. Talk to the ギャロ in the jail, then get the ろうやのカギ from the guard's desk.
  20. Use the ろうやのカギ on the lock to let the ギャロ out and receive the いちみのあかし.
  21. Give the いちみのあかし to サカンバ in the public bar and get the ウマぶえ.
  22. Use the ウマぶえ on the suspicious wall in バルク Desert.
  23. Talk to ホッパー inside the gang's hideout.
  24. Find 5 もんしょうのカケラ On level 2 of the Desert Ruins.
  25. Use 5 もんしょうのカケラ on the symbol on the wall of the Ritual Room.
  26. Talk to バクラ at the door of エルザ.
  27. Talk to the two robots in the エルザ control room.
  28. Talk to バクラ in front of the yellow golem.
  29. Examine the treasure chest and defeat ブロディン.
  30. Examine the treasure chest and get the まほうのもと.
  31. Give the まほうのもと to ブロディン in アプリカン.

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