Storyline ユメの世界

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Introduction[edit | edit source]

A comprehensive description of this storyline and walkthrough in English can be via the External Links on the Main Page.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Defeat ブロディン in ウル Enigma to get つばさのカケラ.
  2. (Do not do the events of モルボン and ネッチョリーノ in キロ.)
  3. Get the だいちのしずく in ググール Cave.
  4. Use だいちのしずく on フラボ in アプリカント.
  5. Defeat やまのヌシ in トレックやま.
  6. Give the ポルカのふえ to フラボ on the road to ポルカ.
  7. Talk to フラボ in ポルカ; the ポルカのふえ is taken by ナナシ.
  8. Talk to ナナシ at altar and in home of ピネコ in クローツ village.
  9. Open the chest in library top floor to get Whale Conch.
  10. Talk to Yumi Gami on whale? (she opens portal to dream world).
  11. Get drinkers pot to drain spring (enter spring then use).
  12. Get "うつつフウリン" from Spring cave.
  13. Hang "うつつフウリン" on tree in front of rock with swirl.
  14. Get "ゆめフウリン" from chest behind Tokoyami cave.
  15. Hang "ゆめフウリン" on tree in front of rock with swirl.
  16. Play chimes? (opens portal).

Notes[edit | edit source]